Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Chocolate IceCream. Yumm!

While I like to chew my chocolate, as much as I love to relish my pasta, chocolate in every form is as lovable. And something that can melt in my mouth and yet give me the choco-high is more than Welcome :D

Very thing delicious has to appeal as much, and this dark choco color is Awww.. so Pretty!

Why am I always talking about Chocolate? Well.. cos my love for this delectable delicacy is far beyond measure! Looks like the Aam ki Bhook of Mazza has to be replaced by Chocolate ki Bhook, just for me ;)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Helloo World!

WOW! I am writing my first blog ever. And I am getting a bit nervous. Being used to only my personal diary and to-do lists, its a fairly new experience. This page is going to be seen by the so many people around the world. Gosh! And now if I don't get it right, my image is blotted. I should be real careful. I am also taking some lessons on Blogging from a friend. What a handsome hunk he is! I just wish I was prettier.

Anyways, coming back to my blog, I want to make it the place where I share some delicious chocolate pics and write about my Chocolate dreams :D

Okay now I am off to some reading up. I have to get this blogging stuff right. I cant be wrong in front of the big bad world?!!

Cya soon. And comment haan! Would love to know how many people saw my blog. :)